ICD-10 Preparation

The transition from ICD-9 to the ICD-10 coding system later this year will be an important one, especially for the hospice community. This transition will affect all hospice staff, documentation and processes currently using ICD-9. We are encouraging our customers to develop a plan to make the transition seamless. As your provider, we will continually update our customers on ICD-10 updates.

ICD-10 and Consolo

The Consolo team has stayed up-to-date on all ICD-10 transition information to assist our customers. On June 27th, Consolo rolled-out a new release with ICD-10 codes. All current customers will be upgraded at no additional cost. Upgrading a few months before the October 1st deadline gives our customers time to get familiar with the new codes and processes.

What does that mean for me?

Within the new release, customers may begin adding ICD10s to any new or existing patients. Although either option may be used, we recommend creating new Clinical Indicators and Diagnoses, rather than edit existing ones. Additionally, Consolo will have an ICD-9 to ICD-10 converter. This will help customers transition even more seamlessly.

Consolo and You

As your hospice software provider, we strive to always help our customers not only meet new requirements, but be ahead of them. We have provided documents and videos for ICD-10 training within Consolo. You can find these in the Help Menu under Release Notes and Reference Documents. Moreover, we are not able to offer specific advice on which ICD-10 codes to use. Hospices are strongly encouraged to identify their own expert ICD10 resources.

Additional Resources

Availability for J6 Home Health and Hospice providers to file electronic cost reporting files via Email

Below information from National Government Services, Inc. for current NGS customers.

As of April 24, 2015, National Government Services (NGS) J6 has created a dedicated mailbox for providers to submit their cost report information electronically. Sending the electronic cost report files and any other electronic support files will save on postage costs and also save valuable time in the acceptance of the cost report as well.

Electronic copies can be emailed to J6HHA-HospiceMedicareCR (at) anthem.com. The mail box will not allow any files with the extension of .exe to be transmitted to it. If your PI file (print image) has the extension .exe, double click on it and it will self-extract into the file you can transmit and will have the proper encryption codes attached to it. If you have any questions, please email J6HHA-HospiceMedicareCR (at) anthem.com.

At this time, it is still necessary to mail in the signed certification page with encryptions and the signed 339 questionnaire. The cost report will still not be deemed as received until NGS receives the signed signatures in the mail.

Providers that have less than $200,000 of Medicare reimbursement may qualify for filing less than a full report. For more information, please go to the cost report section of the NGS website at www.ngsmedicare.com. Low or no cost report submissions cannot have a balance, if you wish to claim bad debts, vaccines or other cost reimbursed items you will need to complete the full cost report and acquire vendor approved software. If you still have questions, please send them to J6HHA-HospiceMedicareCR (at) anthem.com.

Please do not send any PHI information to the above e-mail boxes. Any PHI information should be sent either through Connex or regular mail and password protected in a separate email.