Frequently Asked Questions

Can the software be started with a minimal amount of employees or a single team, then increased as needed?

Our system is totally flexible. You can ease your way into it but what you will find is that the time savings and reduced paperwork will get your employees excited and motivated. Our getting started process prepares your employees to use the system. It is intuitive and easy to begin using right away, with minimal training required.

Can you supply a reference list of clients?

Absolutely. We do this upon request and after a potential client has been given the opportunity to experience our web-based demonstration.

Can you support private insurance claims/billing?

Our software allows the Hospice to establish “custom” hospice rates for any/all of the private insurance carriers. These rates are easily created and maintained by your billing personnel and can be modified as required.

Can your software support Medicaid clams/billing and room and board?

Yes. Consolo Services software is configurable to work with any State Medicaid setups. We allow your Billing personnel to configure “custom” hospice rates which may be used to as needed in lieu of the Medicare rates. We also allow you to establish multiple “custom” Room & Board rates per facility (LTC) where you may have patients. These rates are easily maintained by your billing staff.

Can your software support Medicare claims/billing?

Yes. Consolo Services software receives the updated Medicare rates and automatically updates these rates each year. We submit all claims electronically once the accounts have been established to do so. This process typically requires about four weeks to complete in order to have the Electronic Claims active and fully-functional.

Do you offer software support?

Yes. Support is included in the monthly subscription fee via e-mail or phone. Updates are performed automatically without customer involvement in the deployment.

Do you offer the capability to convert my existing software database into your system?

Yes, demographics and Services data in Excel/CSV format can be converted for no fee. Any additional data would be evaluated on a client-by-client basis.

How does it work?

Consolo is considered as (SaaS) or “Software as a Service.” Our software is a web-based ASP (Application Service Provider) model which runs on any device with a web browser (we recommend Google CHROME & Mozilla’s Firefox) that supports Java scripting. You do not ever have to worry about loading software on your PC. Enhancements are always being made without disrupting the user’s experience, which means you are always running the latest version of the software. You can work from anywhere, anytime. Your data is safe from corruption and is HIPAA compliant. You do not have to worry with software licenses, software upgrade charges or upgrade processes and there is no need for a software administrator within your team.

How much does it cost?

Our software application is a subscription service that is billed on a monthly basis, similar to a cell phone bill. The software subscription rate is simply a % of monthly revenue.

  • No License Fees
  • No Maintenance Fees
  • No Training Fees
  • No Support Costs

Please contact us for more information.

How often are software updates released and what is the process?

When you partner with Consolo, you help steer our shared future. If you need a new feature or workflow, let us know. When possible, we implement requests so that all of our users can benefit from enhanced processes. We deploy multiple releases a year, typically each month, so you’re always on the leading edge.

Being a web-based application, the user-base receives the latest release simply by logging in each time. There are no CDs needed to release our upgrades/enhancements. You do not need a team of people to deploy the software – as long as the users have access to a browser on any device, they will be fully functional and able to use our software application.

Is this software HIPAA compliant?

Consolo Services software features a role-based security login system that only allows data access to the information necessary for that particular function/role. We utilize the latest encryption technologies to ensure HIPAA compliance. Login time-outs will automatically close the browser session after a certain amount of time for non-use. We include a complete audit trail reporting for all logins and transactions with date/time stamps for each activity. Our systems and databases are backed up daily, weekly, monthly and annually with off-site secure storage. All information is encrypted and protected by firewalls and other security features in compliance with HIPAA regulations. We can supply our HIPAA POLICY and our HIPAA Business Associate Agreement documents upon request. We require a HIPPA Business Associate Aggreement to be executed.

What are our options for hardware?

We simply require a web browser on any device – but we would suggest Desktops, Laptops, iPad or iPhone. The configurations and use of PCs is a hospice technology and deployment strategy which varies from Hospice to Hospice.

What is included in the Revenue Cycle Management service?

Our Revenue Cycle Management service includes all of the features of the software plus the following functions are performed by our experienced team with built-in redundancy in case of absence, vacations and sickness: Complete billing functions, payments postings, intervention and resolution to “troubled” claims, weekly cash reports, monthly A/R summary reporting, claims analysis and problem resolution and clinical team training. This service is offered at a % of net collected revenues per month. Therefore, we only get paid if you get paid, which gives our team the motivation to ensure your claims are processed efficiently and effectively.

Please contact us for more information.

What training is included with the purchase of Consolo?

We offer a full program for training which is broken up into sessions of web-based trainings in order to better accommodate the rigid work schedules of your team. We have found that when we actually go on-site for training, the team gets interrupted due to the nature of the hospice business.

Who created this software package?

Consolo Services created the software. It was enhanced and supported by our own Hospice users in order to create a product that was intuitive and easy to use for future hospice users. Because there is no software to load, your team can be up-and-running within hours of getting user logins! Our team took over 20 months to initially create, test and implement the first version. Hospice software & services is our pure focus, so our processes are applicable to your hospice business needs. We have provided a solution for hospices for over 10 years.