See what our current customers have to say about their experience with Consolo.

As always, you folks are striving to make Consolo the best useable software for hospice, and it shows, really!! I enjoy working in Consolo, very user-friendly and the support is OUTSTANDING! Rock on!”
Janice, New Jersey

Our CMS surveyor said that we are close to perfect as possible. She considered herself a “connoisseur” of EMRs and mentioned that she loved Consolo’s ease of use and was so pleased that we were using it as our EMR. Thank you all!”
Jodi, Oregon

​Consolo launched in a 2 week period and as unrealistic a goal this may have sounded, your team incredibly did it. The Consolo team was not only supportive, it was determined and positive to our cause and plan all the way through. Consolo adopted us and walked us expertly through this system. I will recommend your company to anyone. Thank you and again thank you!”
Bea, Texas

We certainly do appreciate this program being on the cutting edge of Medicare compliance. We also appreciate your billing service. Our financial statement audit fieldwork was just finished this past week, and the auditor and Courtney (our treasurer) and I all agreed that out-sourcing the billing was a wise decision for this organization. Thanks again for your help!”
Rebecca, Washington

Thanks for the bill! I never thought that I would say “thanks” for a bill…but you and your team more than any company with whom I have worked with over the last 20 years in this business deserve these KUDOS…. You are all just awesome! We have had nothing but a very positive experience as we have worked with your team! They are GREAT, and always available!”
Markey, Colorado

Thanks so much for following up on this and accommodating so many requests. I know I don’t say it enough, but we really do appreciate you making changes to help us. You know I have worked on McKesson and MISYS programs and you could never get them to change anything, so the personal touch is really appreciated!”
Julie, Georgia

I wanted to reaffirm our appreciation for you and the Consolo team. The whole Consolo experience has been excellent in every way.

We recently sailed through a survey with ease partly because of your software. The surveyor stated that in her many years of survey experience she had seen and used many documentation systems. This was her first time to use Consolo and she said that it was the best by far. Her comments were that it was very intuitive and user friendly. She was able to find what she wanted quickly and without frustration. As you know, a non-frustrated surveyor is a good thing. Please pass my thanks on to the whole staff at Consolo. Without a doubt, we picked the best partner available when we signed on with Consolo.”
Kim, Texas